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Department of Food Science and Nutrition

The YIU Department of Food and Nutrition nurtures professionals who can apply theories about food and nutrition that are critical to dietary life for human survival. The demand for food and nutrition experts capable in the fields of disease treatment, anti-aging, growth development, and weight control is rising in the food and restaurant industries. Following the department’s curriculum enables students to earn certificates to work as nutritionists, nutrition lecturers, food manufacturing and processing engineers, hygienists, or cooks. Graduates can work as nutritionists at hospitals, hotels, and other food service facilities, or as nutrition teachers, nutrition researchers, food stylists, food quality evaluators, and producers of space for dietary life.



Course Name
Fundamentals of Chemistry Principle of Cookery and Practices
Restaurant management -


Kim, Hye-Young Kim, Hae Young
Kim, Kang-sung Eugene Lee Choi
Lee Seungjae -