For over 70 years, Yong In University has been nurturing genuine leaders of talent and strong character.

Graduate School - General

YIU Graduate School realizes YIU’s educational objectives and was established to foster advanced talents by nurturing students’ skills in academic research, teaching, and capability development, which sets it apart from others. The general graduate school comprises nine PhD programs, nine master programs, and one integrated master’s & PhD program.

Master’s Program

Physical Education, Environmental Health, Food and Nutrition, Security Service, Life Sciences, Martial Arts, Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Archaeology & Art History, Police & Security Information Science (Interdisciplinary Studies Program)

Ph.D. Program

Physical Education, Business Administration, Security Service, Physical Therapy, Depart-ment of Martial Arts, Public Health and Welfare (Interdisciplinary Studies Program), Police & Security Information Science (Interdisciplinary Studies Program), Total Art Therapy, Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Integrated Master’s & PhD program

Physical Education