International Education

For over 70 years, Yong In University has been nurturing genuine leaders of talent and strong character.

International Exchange Education Center

International Exchange Education Center, established in 2005 as a subsidiary institution of Yong In University, is developing a wide range of educational programs to improve the linguistic capabilities of our students and to cultivate interest in the language education and linguistic ability of the constituent members of the local community. Moreover, it is being operated with the goal of cultivation of international specialists equipped with international perspectives and etiquette in alignment with the trend of the era of globalization and informatization.
It is striving to increase interest and intrigue on foreign languages and nurture outstanding international specialists through assertive participation of the students in the classes and outstanding teaching method by developing diversified foreign language education programs including English, Chinese and Japanese, etc. as well as establishing curriculum differentiated from other international education centers every year.
In addition, the Center is implementing systematic study management from the introductory to advanced programs to propagate foreign language education to the constituent members Due to the increase in the number of foreign students and improvement of global recognition for the specialized education in the areas of sports and arts at the Yong In University, proportion that the Korean language education curriculum takes is increasing continuously.
Accordingly, the University is catering for foreign students from a wide range of countries by establishing differentiated Korean language education program the combines Korean language education and practicum for wide range of specialized academic areas.
Yong In University International Exchange Education Center of Yong In University shall strive to put utmost efforts to fulfill its purpose of nurturing the most outstanding international linguistic specialists in the world by securing outstanding teaching staffs and most advanced educational facilities.