For over 70 years, Yong In University has been nurturing genuine leaders of talent and strong character.

Graduate School - Special

Graduate School of Sports Wellness Industry

The YIU Graduate School of Sports Sciences was established to nurture physical education leaders who can promptly respond to the demands of the times that require specialization in physical education and sports, play their role in society, and carry out their specific functions. The school is divided into four departments.

Master’s Program

Sports Sciences, Leisure/Health, Golf, Developmental Rehabilitation/Adapted Physical Activity

Graduate School of Business Administration

With the goal of fostering creative business leaders who will be at the forefront of advanced industrial society, the YIU Graduate School of Business Administration researches advanced theory and practical methods that can contribute to all sorts of business-related issues. Military servicemen, civil servants, and public and private school teachers are given scholarships each semester so that they can focus on their studies without feeling burdened financially.

Master’s Program

Business Administration, Beauty Business.

Graduate School of Education

The YIU Graduate School of education trains education professionals who will be in demand in society and in the in education field, by providing specialized, scientific, and in-depth education in each field.

Master’s Program

Education (Physical Education, Special education, Korean Music Education)

Graduate School of Arts & Culture

The YIU Graduate School of Arts & Culture researches overall art theory and practice in order to foster advanced talents who can proactively respond to this age of culture and the arts, and contribute to the development of welfare enhancement of a cultural country.

Master’s Program

Painting, Korean Music, Drama Theatre Therapy, Art Therapy, Cultural Content, Dance

Graduate School of Rehabilitation and Welfare

The YIU Graduate School of Rehabilitation and Welfare was established to rehabilitate the disabled and help them live healthy lives by researching and developing health-related knowledge. This graduate school aims to nurture professional health management leaders who can treat patients in a well-rounded way, to help people find the happiness to live dignified lives.

Master’s Program

Physical Therapy, Language Rehabilitation, Social Welfare.

Graduate School of Taekwondo

The YIU Graduate School of Taekwondo Studies was established as the first of its kind in South Korea to cultivate professional leaders who can preserve the traditional martial arts spirit, develop the academic and technical aspects of Taekwondo, and develop martial arts sports as a specialized global industry.

Master’s Program