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For over 70 years, Yong In University has been nurturing genuine leaders of talent and strong character.

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Yong In University

Founded in 1953, Yong In University is a private higher education institution located in the urban setting of the medium-sized city of Yongin-si (population 1,050,000 inhabitants), South Korea. Yong In University is officially accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Korea.

  • Foundation

    Dan Ho Education Foundation

  • President

    Jin-Soo Han, Ph.D.

  • Address

    134, Yongindaehak-ro, Cheoin-gu,Yongin-si,Gyeonggi-do 17092, Korea

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  • Graduate Student


    Doctorate 458, Master 120

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  • College of Martial Arts
  • College of Sports Sciences
  • College of Arts and Culture
  • College of Artificial Intelligence Convergence
  • College of Health Science and Welfare
  • College of Yong Oreum General Education
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International Exchange Partnership

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63 from Worldwide

  • International Student

    346 from 22 Countries

    ※ 120 a degree course, 226 language

Varsity Sports

21 Teams

  • 복싱


  • 태권도


  • 수영


  • 골프


  • 테니스


  • 탁구

    Table Tennis

  • 축구


  • 역도

    Weight Lifting

  • 체조


  • 댄스스포츠

    Dance Sports

  • 스피드스케이팅

    Speed Skating

  • 레슬링


  • 유도


  • 검도


  • 쇼트트랙

    Short Track

  • 보디빌딩

    Body Building

  • 씨름


  • 용무도


  • 삼보


  • 핀수영

    Fin Swimming

  • 루지


52 Olympic Medals

  • Gold 9
  • Silver 20
  • Bronze 23


Yong In University was founded in 1953 just after the end of the Korean War under the noble principle of fostering right and virtuous talents who can set the spirit of the country straight. Now, Yong In University is a renowned private university in the metropolitan area South Kovrea’s capital Seoul that is well known in Korea and the world. With a long tradition of specializing in the areas of arts and sports, Yong In University has been exerting much effort towards realizing the educational philosophy of contributing to ‘National Prestige’ and ‘Preservation of Korean Culture,’ a task that is difficult for a private university to bear.

Yong In University has six colleges and 29 departments with 203 full time faculty. 6,300 students are currently enrolled in the undergraduate programs. The rest of the 8,000-strong student body consists of graduate students enrolled in Yong In University’s eight high-standard graduate school programs. 60% of our students are enrolled in College of Martial Arts, College of Sports Science and College of Culture and Arts, which shows how specialized Yong In University is in the area of arts and sports. Yong In University nurtures 500 sports athletes in 23 fields. To date, Yong In University students won 52 Olympic medals, 111 medals at various world championships and 124 medals at Asian Games, an exceptional achievement made by one university. And the above mentioned 52 Olympic medals account for about 20% of all Olympic medals Korea won thus far. Yong In University is proud to have contributed significantly to South Korea in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic thanks to 4 medals won by students and alumni of Yong In University.

Yong In University is particularly proud, naot only of our achievement made in sports but also in culture and arts. The high level of our College of Culture and Arts is illustrated by the performances produced by professors of our Department of Theatre and Department of Dance winning awards given by South Korean President and Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism at nationwide competitions. The relatively newly established Department of Applied Music is equipped with the country’s top facilities and equipment, and the students are guided by Korea’s most well-known singer-songwriter who work on staff at Yong In University. In addition, among the graduates of the Department of Film are many independent film directors famous in Korea as well as other directors and producers of movies that drew up to 40 million moviegoers. On the other hand, Yong In University opened Korea’s first Department of Cultural Heritage to cultivate professionals in the discipline when even the term ‘cultural property preservation management’ was hardly known. For the past 25 years, Yong In University did not spare investment in developing specialists of cultural relics preservation and continues to upgrade the hands-on skills of our students by regularly hosting both permanent and special exhibitions at its own museum.

The future society is called to be the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which the artificial intelligence and robot industries will lead. Yong In University is moving toward sports and arts goal based on a study of AI and Management in this new industry changes and conducting education to develop creative and convergent leaders. Yong In University will contribute to world and human society with a vision of the best sports, arts, and welfare specialized university to create sustainable value of future.